Fine Linens Care

Bedding, Sheets and Shower Curtains

Always read the care label before cleaning your fine linens. Although our sheeting collections are machine washable, many of our bedding collections require dry cleaning. 

Here are some general guidelines to follow in taking the best care of your washable fine linens.

  • Wash on a gentle cycle with warm or cold water and a cold water rinse.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent with no bleach, brighteners or whiteners. Do not use a fabric softener as softeners will weaken fine linen fibers. Do not use bleach as it can weaken fibers and cause yellowing.
  • Sheets that are not overly soiled can be washed with good results using half of the recommend amount of detergent.
  • Add detergents to the wash water prior to adding your linens. Or, dilute the detergent in water and place in the machine before adding your linens.
  • Be careful not to overcrowd your machine. Wash with like colors and like fabrics. For best results, wash sheet sets separately from any other laundry.
  • Remove sheets from the wash directly after the end of the last cycle. Do not leave sheets in the washing machine for an extended period of time, especially if your linens are embellished in anyway (see additional information below on embellished bed linen.
  • When possible, line drying fine linens outdoors will produce the best results. Air drying will reduce wrinkling and your fine linens will benefit from the gentle and natural bleaching of the sun.
  • To machine dry, gently shake out any bunching or twisting that may have occurred during the spin cycle.
  • Place your linens into the dryer on the lowest heat setting to avoid damaging fibers and to minimize wrinkles. As with the wash, do not overload the dryer.
  • Do not use dryer sheets as softeners will weaken fibers.
  • Remove promptly while linens are slightly damp. Smooth and air dry or press while damp to remove wrinkles and moisture before storing.
  • Steam press as needed on warm/hot for cottons and hot for linens. Use a cooler setting for linens containing synthetic fibers (our Dario Sheets, Somerset Dakota and Somerset Madison).
  • For jacquard weaves and embellished collections, we recommend pressing on the reverse side of the fabric.


For bed linens with thread or tape embellishments, extra care should be taken to preserve the quality and color of your linens. Color from satin stitch threads and tapes, even when noted as machine washable, can bleed or transfer onto the body of the linens unless extra care is taken.

Although certain colors are more susceptible than others to color transfer, it is recommended to follow these few extra steps for all washable embellished bed linens and shower curtains.

  • Do not soak or leave linens in standing water.
  • Remove linens from the machine immediately after the end of the wash.
  • Do not leave linens bunched or folded while wet.
  • Line dry or machine dry immediately.