Not Your Mama's Flatware, 3 Flatware Finishes We LOVE

Not your Mama's flatware is right! Flatware finishes have come a long way. Traditionally, most people will picture a "shiny silver" finish when the word flatware is mentioned. However, thanks to Blue Pheasant our horizons have been expanded with elegant flatware finishes suitable for everyday use.

Everyday stainless steel flatware has transitioned from the traditional silver finish we grew up on. We can't help but LOVE the versatility and glamour of gold, rose gold and faux finishes when setting the mood of a table.

We struck gold with our first love! As a warm neutral, gold pairs effortlessly with other warm neutrals like browns, tans, beige and blacks. As a universal symbol of luxury, gold flatware is a glamourous option to elevate your next dinner party or picnic basket. 

Shop the Gwen collection, by Blue Pheasant. It features hexagonal stems, an unexpected detail that takes these simple sets to the next level. The Gwen, complements any tabletop aesthetic. 

Our next love is the unspoken "jewelry" seated at your table, rose gold. Rose gold is synonymous with wealth and was traditionally used for jewelry.

Our love for rose gold may have started with jewelry but is now a favorite metal in home décor. Don't shy away from choosing rose gold for your table scape pallet. Just think pink, grey, smokey blues, wood tones and let's not forget white! Mix and match and change your color pallet for the season or keep your pallet as an everyday staple. 

Shop Blue Pheasant's Alba collection in rose gold. It's glam made for everyday use. The mix of wood textures and white backdrop completes this rose gold pallet.

Faux real, we love a good faux finish! Our favorite by far is faux bois, French for false wood. This faux can date it's roots back to 1867, Paris, France. But, don't be fooled by it's rustic charm, when mixed with other metals like silver and gold, you can't help but feel the richness in holding a piece of history. 

Harrison Faux Bois By Blue Pheasant

The Harrison collection by Blue Pheasant in silver faux bois and polished gold has just as much charm as the meal it is served with. 

Get inspired with everyday flatware finishes we love; whether it's gold, rose gold or our favorite faux these collections will effortlessly elevate your tabletop and compliment the meals you serve them with. Bon Appetit!


Did you know...

All of by Blue Pheasant's flatware is dishwasher safe, When using a dishwasher, they recommend selecting the low-energy/air-dry cycle. Place the utensils handles up in the dishwasher’s basket. Choose a detergent that is mild and non-abrasive. To wash by hand, use a mild dish soap and warm water. Dry all utensils immediately after washing to keep them free from water spots and streaks.