Introducing Blue Pheasant

The heart of the home begins with the kitchen! That's why Liliann Rey for the Home is proud to introduce Blue Pheasant.

At Blue Pheasant, they know that everyone’s favorite room is the kitchen—which is why they put careful thought and exquisite craftsmanship into everything they do, from their handmade dinnerware to flatware, and from glassware to placemats, accents, and linens.

From centuries-old techniques that inspire vintage-themed table-scapes to their new modern pieces that can star in your most sleek and chic displays, Blue Pheasant is your go-to destination. Each piece, is made to be mixed and matched—patterns on patterns, color on color, unexpected pieces that fall perfectly into place, time and time again. But these collections are much more than looks. They’ve spent years researching dish and glassware, experimenting until They created the ideal weights, shapes, sizes, and proportions. These pieces are functional; items that feel as good as they look, and that look good any which way you pair them. The perfect meal isn’t effortless, but it should be worth every ounce of work you put into it and then some; we’ve created Blue Pheasant to help make sure it is.

Blue Pheasant's products are handmade with care by artisans using natural materials. They are not mass produced. This is why WE love them! But this is also why variation between products should be expected, and is not considered a defect.



Shop Blue Pheasant HERE.

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